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Perhaps it is time to talk about the new reality that seems to be settled in our lives. Maybe it's time to take charge and take on a paradigm shift. Covid-19 is already part of our lives.

The reality today is this. It is the one that we assume to be true and it is the one that opens our eyes to this great change called New Normal. Covid-19 has hit us in the face to discover that we were happy, but we looked the other way.

It has slapped us until we realize that the world does not belong to us, it is just something borrowed, and as such, we must take care of it.

We woke up, and we did it realizing that we were on the right track. We wake up with the certainty that our DNA and the way we see our mission as a company, was none other than facilitating and improving the life of our human team, our clients and our own environment. We continue on this path, with even more presence if possible and with the security of have taken the path that makes us better people.

Human team

Under the threat of Covid-19, Phoenix Connection promised to immediately facilitate teleworking for all its workers. For this, we made all the necessary equipment available to optimally carry out work from home and in the best conditions, without losing the comforts that we enjoyed in our office.

Likewise, the Human Resources department has continued to strengthen the approach and conversation between a team that, even from home, has grown in size. Team building, celebrations of successes and even support in the bad times experienced by this situation, have had a place on the official channels of the company.


Our world is changing every minute, now is not the time to fall asleep. That is why our clients have the tranquility of being able to communicate with us 24/7 in order to solve their doubts, problems or fears, because the noble job of helping those who need it falls on us.

Now more than ever, since the arrival of e-commerce in our lives, we are aware that the future will be digital. This leads us to design new ways for each of our clients to get to where, for the moment, they had not dared to go.

We have the mission to advance what this New Normal will be like so that our clients can face the still unknown.


Fear makes us stronger because it also makes us more supportive. We have needed a pandemic to remember that union is strength. We have come together. Given the powerlessness of not being able to do anything, we have done many things. We have met many people who, by contributing their grain of sand, have managed to fill hospitals as screens created in 3d.

For weeks, machines that for us were symbols of entertainment, have become the lifeline of many of our health workers and today we are proud to think that when we want, we are very GREAT.